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Sand Pike  (8",  approx. 3+ oz, Slimmer than SLIMs, Lipless)


Choose from 12 colors:
Black Ribbed, Block Island Green Ribbed, Blue Eel Skin, Brown Eel Skin, Dark Blue Irid. Scale, Dark Olive Irid. Scale, Herring (shown), Jet Black, Squid, White Cloud, White Mac and Yellow Mac. (See colors here.)
Best Use:
I created the sand pike to fish around sand eels and other slim baits. It is slimmer than a SLIM and is lipless  to gain distance on the cast. I fish is slow twitching the rod, or drop the rod and give it a sharp jerk causing the plug to dart back and forth. I fish these plugs using my 1321 10 1/2'  lamiglas or my 12' Century rod rated 3 to 6oz.
$35, plus ship/handling, 10% Federal Excise Tax, and 6.25% sales tax for MA residents.

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