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The Jeweled Pike Collection
, 2011

Scroll down for photos and order info.
Jeweled Pikes come with a display stand and a velvet bag with the BigWaterLures logo (shown below).


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Blue Phantom, $75 - SOLD

Red Phantom, $75 - SOLD

Fantasy Squid, $135 - SOLD

Frog Prince, $135 - SOLD

Black Knight - SOLD

Jeweled Sea Robin - SOLD

Jeweled Wonder, $165 (One-of-a-Kind) - SOLD

Bling! (One-of-a-Kind) - SOLD

The Patriot  (One-of-a-Kind) - SOLD

Jeweled Wonder with Bag

Jeweled Sea Robin with Bag



  1. One lure per customer (including bag w/ logo and display stand).

  2. Email your request to Gary, including your name & mailing address.

  3. Indicate payment preference - credit card, direct Paypal payment or check.

  4. All sales carry a 10% Federal Excise Tax; $8 shipping/handling; all MA sales subject to sales tax.

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