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Reel In The Keepers With These Giant Pikes.
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Hi, Gary Soldati here...

For over 35 years, I've loved the thrill of the chasePounding surf. A moonlit night.  The sudden strike of a strong fish. 

Even better, I love catching quality keepers.

From Maine to Cape Cod, on Block Island and at Montauk...I've caught my share.

And I'm always on the lookout for a plug that can consistently catch big fish.

                          Gary's 51lb. Striper
                                   Oct. 2011

The Bigger, The Better 

I often thought about the old saying "big bait, big fish" and wondered what happened to the giant pikes that used to be so readily available.

I looked and looked, and couldn't find a consistent supply anywhere. So I did what any normal, frustrated angler who's pretty good with his hands would do:  I made my own.

I read everything I could get my hands on about plug making.  I browsed websites, introduced myself to other lure makers and pestered them with questions. I visited plug workshops from Cape Cod to the Jersey Shore. All in an effort to learn the best materials, techniques and processes for making a larger wooden lure with great swimming action.

By summer 2005, I tested my first 8" giant pike at Block Island -- and quickly caught my fill of sizable stripers. 

My friends took notice, and tried them, too.  Before long, our fishing expeditions  consistently became catching expeditions.  

"Remember Block Island last summer?
When I worked every kind of lure with no luck --
until you loaned me one of yours.  Within two casts,
I roped a big one.  Awesome."

                                                                             Ted Archibald
                                                                             Providence RI

Pretty soon, tackle shops, guides and fishermen along the New England and New York coasts took notice...and placed an order...then another...and another. 

The next thing I know, I'm invited to exhibit at the Asbury Park (NJ) Fishing Club annual plug show -- one of the largest plug shows on the East amazing event, with some of the best-known plug makers around.

Since those early days, it has been quite a ride.  And the success of my original giant pikes encouraged me to make additional large plugs -- a 6-1/2" junior pike, a 10" troller, a 12" jointed eel, Giant medium and deep divers, a line of medium and deep diving SLIMS, and most recently, a line of lipless sand pikes.

Why Such a Blitz?      

Because these are hand-constructed quality plugs with great swimming action in calm or rough water.

Each pike is turned from northern white cedar or Alaskan yellow cedar.  They have glass eyes from Germany, and stainless-steel lips custom-made by me to get the desired action.

The entire unit is through-wired for extra strength, and the hooks are the strongest and sharpest available -- VMC trebles.  Even the split rings have been eliminated for a cleaner profile.

I hand paint the plugs in many signature and custom colors. I also tie the tails using different materials, including buck tail, crystal flash, saddle hackle, and chenille - tailoring each one to a plug's coloration.

How To Get Your Very Own Pikes     

Because I personally hand-make each lure, I can only make a limited number each year. When stock becomes available, I post the plug styles, colors and costs on the inventory pages of my website, and I notify subscribers to Big Water News via email. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter, at the top of this page, right corner.

"Iíve fished Garyís lures at Montauk and Block Island --
and they've caught fish when other lures haven't produced a thing.  They can be worked slowly, or even stopped, and they still have
great action that produces strikes.  Iíve fished them at night
with great success, and they were especially effective during
the fall run when big fish are active during the day."

                                                                              Rod Christie
                                                                               Bedford NY 

Tight lines,

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What folks are saying...


They are extraordinary. When you see these, you get the feeling the man puts a little love in each one.

My wife and kids think they're cool and they don't think any of this is cool.

Really, that is a huge compliment. Even when a non-fisherman holds one of these plugs and examines it, they can sense the quality. The craftsmanship is immediately evident.

But we still have an inward appreciation that makes us smile to ourselves, 'cause we get to fish them.

Can't wait 'til it warms up a little.


January 2011

There are breeder lakes in my area and I usually do a little casting (for musky) at dawn. I hooked up the Black Pearl Pike and tossed it out just as it was turning light. It sounded like a boulder when it hit the water on this quiet little lake and I figured that was the end of that. After a few minutes, I gave it a jerk and slow reeled for just a few turns. A huge swirl around the plug sucked it right out of sight! No taker though -- just checking it out, I guess. I spent the next week and a half trying to get this fish to hit, but got nothing. One morning I tied on the Black Scale Slim and tossed it... first cast she took it down and I got a nice little musky in the tweens... I'm guessing 18-20 pounds.

Thanks for building quality plugs!

Tom Woodson
August 2010

Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the best day I ever had surf casting. Caught blues to 18 lbs. and bass to 35 lbs. on your White Pearl Giant. I lost count of how many fish were caught --somewhere in the mid- twenties. I've never caught so many good size bass in 1 day. The finish held up awesome and still looks great. Thanks again.

Frank, Long Island
October 2008

The jointed eel was deadly for me in Montauk last year on the very deep south side -- with 2 fish that easily broke the 30 lb. mark.

Billy Riker
March 2008

What a thrill! Here's an in-the-moment photo of the 28 lb. bass
I caught at Fisher Island
using Gary's giant blackfish.

Mike Roy
June 2006           

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The first thing I noticed when I received the bluefish and the blackfish was their size. Not a whole lot of plugs made
this size anymore!

Then I took a hard look at the paint job and hardware. Absolutely beautiful, with great detail and unique metal lips.

But did they swim and catch fish?

I fished the two plugs exclusively in Montauk during the mullet run. They had great swimming action, and I was able to bang some nice stripers when other casters were scratching their heads.

Good job, Gary!"

Bill Wetzel
New York State,                             Licensed Guide