Gary R. Soldati, Plug Maker
...for the serious fisherman


Most tackle shops carry this tackle. First, shop local! Then go to

Century NG SPOD Rod, 12’ rated 2 to 6 oz. This rod is very versatile, powerful with a softer tip to throw the lesser weights. This is the rod I caught my 51 on! Contact Mike Kulick at for more info.

My primary rod for my biggest plugs is now the CTS S-7 12’ rated 4 to 8 oz. as I fish them with Trollers, SLIM Trollers and Sand Pikes XLs!

My back up rod is the CTS PJ series Model #PJ 1009-2 rod, 10’ rated 4 to 8 oz. This is also good for throwing BWL and SLIM Trollers. I still can’t believe that a rod this light can throw such a heavy plug! Contact Rich Hedenberg at for more info.

Zee Baas – ZX 25 (for the Century rod) and  ZX-27 (for the CTS S7) – very smooth action. Contact or call Devin at (203) 659-0015. He is a great source of info!

Fireline Original fused 30 lb. test (not a braid). This line tests stronger than it is rated. It is made for a spinning rod and holds up very well in the rocks!

Seaguar Fluorocarbon 50 lb. test. This leader material has held up very well in the rocks for me. Also 60lb. Ande Mono.

Neck Light
UK Vizion 3AAA eLed Headlamp. It is submersible and waterproof. For more info and where to purchase  The batteries last so long I end up changing them before it is needed!

Backup Light
Mini Maglite with sheath, somewhat waterproof.

60 Pound BogaGrip
If you are using plugs with multiple treble hooks, this is a must! Forget the 30 lb. boga. I’ve had too many friends say, “I knew it was at least 30 lbs.”!

DonnMar CP950 TI Titanium Pliers with lanyard and sheath. For more info, visit / www.donmar.pliers.htm  These pliers are so good I stopped washing them after a night of fishing! Pricey but indestructible!

Folding Filet Knife
Explorer 11-158. I've had this knife too long to remember where I got it.

Backup Folding Filet Knife
“Buck” 0220BLS-B. This does not come with a sheath.

Wading Shoe
I wear a wetsuit bootie (with a thick aggressive sole) with a Korker (Rock Trac Plus) studded sandal over it. It’s pretty good to swim in. For longer swims, I wear the Outcast step-in fins that easily fit over my bootie/studded sandal combination. You can find these fins at

Scented Gel
I recommend Mike’s Lunker Lotion in “Bunker/Menhaden" available at It is a gel so it lasts longer, it turns bumps into solid strikes, it will catch you fish when nobody is catching, plus it will keep your hooks from rusting. Just put some in the hook holes of the plug and on the tied tail. I never fish without it.

Surf Bags
Most of my surf bags were made by Tom White of Commando Surfcasting. Now that Tom is no longer making bags, I have a tall 2-tube bag made by Jamie Hawley of Flatlander Surf Casting (contact Jamie makes a bag that will hold my Troller, SLIM Troller or Sand Pike XL, all 10” plugs (not including lips).


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