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Rob Radlof hauls in a nice pike on Gary's White Pearl plug.


Andrew Oliveri catches 45" in October, 2015.


Gerard Faccone reels in a 41 pound whopper on a Giant/Iridescent Plum.


Matt Scanlon hooked a nice striper from his kayak
using a Giant/Bunker. A prior girl (lost) ripped his rod holder off his kayak.

Gary catches a 22 pounder on his Giant/Brown Trout
Block Island, 2015.


Gary reels in a teen bass on his SLIM Troller/eelskin,
Block Island, 2015.


Shawn Matthews hooks a nice girl in July, New Jersey.

Charles Harner reels in a 25 lbr. in NJ,
on Gary's Giant in Old Yella.


Chris Miller catches close to 30 lbs., off the dock in Seabright NJ.


Ralph Perdomo with a nice striper caught in NJ on
Gary's Giant, Olive Bunker.


Shawn Matthews 1st striper of 2015 caught with a Surface Giant, Olive Bunker.
He says: First time I've seen a 25lb fish clear the water twice like a smallmouth.

Shane Burke, RodWorx Fishing, with his 26 lb. striper
caught on a Giant Pike, "Plum Iridescent Scale"

Adam Zakamarek, Rodworx Fishing, catches a 32 pounder in NJ's spring run.
He used a Giant Pike, Plum Iridescent Scale


Mike Korn catches a 20+ lbr. on a Giant White Pearl.


In Northern NJ, Korn & Radlof haul in a pair of beauties on a
SLIM Medium Diver/Olive Bunker.

Russ Burgess brings in a 55 lb. beauty on Gary's Troller in Bunker.


Rick hooks a 52 lber. on Gary's Deep Diving Giant, Eel Skin!

Block Action: Ted Archibald hauls in a 20 lbr. on a Giant Blackfish

Block Action: Isaac Ariel catches a hi teener on a SandPike XL, Eel Skin

Capt. Rob Radloff catches a big bass on Gary's Giant Olive Bunker."
He says, "Your plug is killing it down here (NJ) this Spring!"

Korn & buddy take in a big one on a Giant Olive Bunker.

Shawn Matthews hauls in a 36 lbr. in New Jersey, the biggest catch of the day.

A 56 pounder! Caught by Alex Field of MagicMann Guides
on a SLIM "River Herring" with a Surfster Lip, 2014.

Shawn Matthews with his teener from Raritan Bay, caught on a Giant Olive Bunker


Rob Radloff catches a big one in Raritan Bay using a Giant Olive Bunker.

Robert Como uses a Giant Medium Diver in Weakfish for the first time.


And he hooks an early season striper in New Jersey back bay waters.


Future plug maker, Jason Vivona.
Jason, the son of BWL subscriber, Nick Vivona, wants the first plug he turns to be Gary's Giant Pike!

Rick Fraelick with a 30 lb. striper caught on a Deep Diver, Lobster


PS, Rick buys presents for his 15 month old son Gunnar, but uses them long before
Gunnar will ever be able to hold a rod  : )


Rob Radlof brings in a 28 lb. striper on a SLIM Weakfish, Sandy Hook

William Sirotnak catches an upper teen on a SLIM Medium Diver, Purple Pearl, Block Island

Mike Fu ropes in a 20 lb. striper on a SLIM Medium Diver, Eel Skin

Gary catches a teen pair on his Vega Surf Perch, Block Island, 2013

Gary's Block Island action - a 26 lb. striper caught on a Sandpike XL

Ted Archibald with a pair of teen stripers taken on a Giant Blackfish


Ron Burgess catches a 52 lb monster on a Bunker Troller.


Full View, Ron Burgess's 52 lb striped bass.


Bob Mirynowski's 26 lb bass caught on an eelskin pike
in a raging nor'easter, Block Island, 2013.


19 and 22 pounders caught by Gary on BWL's SLIM Troller "Gibbs Blue Mac"
Block Island, 2013


Another 22 pound catch by Gary on the SLIM Troller "Gibbs Blue Mac"
Block Island, 2013

Sean Kearney's 35 lb. striper caught on a Giant, Black Pearl


Sean Kearney with his 29 lb. striper caught on a Giant Dark Olive Iridescent Scale

Kieran McGlynn Wetsuiting

Ilir Gjatollari with a bass in the 20s caught on a Giant "Dark Olive Iridescent Scale"


Iler again with an upper teen bass on a Giant "Blackfish"


Gary wins 2nd place, PBR Tourney, 2012


Gary's PBR Winner, 28-1/2 lbs. caught on a Giant, Dark Olive Iridescent Scale.

Mike Fu with his teen bass caught on a Giant Blackfish.


Gary's 20 lb. bass taken on a Sand Pike XL with eel skin.

Gary catches a 27 lb. bass on a Slim Troller, Custom Porgy

Josh Clogston catching on a jointed eel, White Mac.

Mark Cantrell catches a 42", 27 lb. musky in northern Minnesota on a BWL prototype 16" Troller.


Gary's 24 lb. bass hooked using a Giant "Dark Olive Iridescent Scale".
Caught on Block Island while guiding "Support the Troops Auction" co-winner, Kieran McGlynn.

The Cuttyhunk Crew, June 2012
Alan Cordts, Andrew Chase, Tom Scallon, Peter Fu, Mike Fu, Gary Soldati

Peter Fu with a 34 lb. striper caught on a Sand Pike, Cutty 2012


Mike Fu with a teen bass caught with a Giant Blackfish, Cutty 2012

Tom Scallon with a teener caught on a Giant Bluefish, Cutty 2012

Shawn Matthews catches a teener on a SLIM surface, Raritan Bay, NJ

Boston Harbor Shootout 2011 -- Two top winners caught on BWL Trollers!
First place striper (being held), 48-1/2"
Second place striper, 46 lbs. (on scale), caught by Russ Burgess (not shown)


One of two 50 lb. stripers caught on the same night by Russ Burgess (not shown) in Boston Harbor, 2011
on an Atlantic Mackerel Troller

This is the 2nd of the two 50s caught by Russ Burgess (not shown),  Boston Harbor
on the Atlantic Mackerel Troller

Another Russ Burgess (not shown) 50 caught on a BWL Troller in 2010


A 1-1/4 lb. lobster was found in the stomach of Gary's "51"



A SandPike Yellow Mac was a hit for Peter Guidice in New Jersey!
He caught this 34", 15 lb. striper.


Gary's "51" -  Rhode Island, October 20, 2011
Caught on a Surface Giant - Dark Olive Iridescent Scale

Tom White's 31 pounder caught on Block Island with a SLIM Purple Pearl.

Striper caught by Joe Solanoy in California with Block Island Green Scale, August 2011


Tom Scallon with teener caught on a SLIM Medium Diver, Blue Pearl Mac

Noah Hoffenberg & upper teen striper
caught on a Hybrid Giant Pike (Pike body, Surfster lip) in Silver Flash

Pete Christy with his teener caught on a Green Scale Medium Diver

Tom White's striper caught on a SLIM Purple Pearl Medium Diver


Christian Amaral with a teen striper caught on a SLIM Purple Scale Medium Diver


George Moss with a teen striper caught on a Purple Scale Medium Diver


SLIM Troller - Olive Iridescent


Noah, again, with a teen caught on a SLIM Block Island Scale Ribbed Medium Diver


Tom White with a 20 pounder caught on a Purple Pearl Medium Diver


Gary's 17 pounder caught with a SLIM Ghost Mackerel


Gary's 28 lb. striper caught on Block Island with BWL's new Sand Pike

Alan Cordts caught this 45"  30.5 lbs on a Giant Blackfish!

Cheryl Soldati with a teener bass caught on a SLIM Surface, Green Scale
Block Island, Oct. 2010


Gary Soldati (the Younger) with a teener caught on a Giant Surface, White Mackerel
Block Island, Oct. 2010


Cheryl Soldati with a big bluefish
Block Island, Oct. 2010



Ron Powers with a 34 lb. bass caught on an Atlantic Mackerel


Gary with a 15 lb. bass caught on a Giant Surface Perch
Block Island, Oct. 2010

Teen bass caught by Gary Soldati on a Giant Surface Perch
Block Island, Oct. 2010


Teen Striper Caught by Gary on a Giant Mackerel
Cuttyhunk, Sept. 2010


Noah Hoffenberg catches a teener on a Giant Blackfish
Block Island, Commando Night, July 2010


Noah Hoffenberg & Teener, Block Island 2010
Custom SLIM Medium Diver - Block Island Green w/ Copper Stripes


Mike Fu & Teener, Block Island 2010
Giant - Custom Cloud


Ted Archibald & Teener, Block Island 2010
Giant Bluefish


Gary Soldati & 26 lb. striper, Block Island 2010
Giant Blackfish


Gary Soldati & Teener, Block Island 2010
SLIM Surface, Block Island Green w/ Copper Stripes

Tom White, 31 lb. striper,  Block Island Blitz
Medium Diving SLIM, Purple Pearl


Ted Archibald with his 34.5 lb. whopper, Block Island Blitz
Giant Medium Diver, Blackfish


Gary's 36 lb. catch, Block Island Blitz
Giant Medium Diver, Blackfish


Tom White and Ted Archibald, Block Island Blitz


Gary with a 33 lb. striper, Block Island Blitz
Medium Diving SLIM, Bronze

25 lb. striper caught by Eric Steinhauser on BWL's Blue Pearl Surface SLIM (Block Island, Oct. 9)


18-20 lb. striper caught by Josh Clogston on the new Deep Diving SLIM (Black Pearl)


Gary Soldati and Rod Christie with up to 23 lb. stripers --
caught on a Blue Pearl Slim Giant and a Black Scale Slim Giant
Block Island, June 2009


                                                 Tommy Gulumoglu lands a 22-pounder with a Jr. Bluefish


                                                          Ted Archibald and his 29-lb. striper, Cuttyhunk 2008



Gary catches a 30-lb. striper, Cuttyhunk 2008



Josh Clogston's 35.5 Pounder Using a Deep Diver Jointed Eel


Another Josh catch -- this time with a 28-30 lb. striper using a Jointed Eel


Billy Riker's 29-lb. catch at Moriches -- Using a Jointed Eel




 Rod's Christie's 27 lb. mid-day catch on Cuttyhunk, 2007
(using giant bluefish)

Matt Archibald, Block Island, June 2007
catches 22 lb. striper using Giant Blackfish


A 40 lb catch by Josh Clogston, Massachusetts
(using the new black pearl deep diver)



Ted Archibald, Cuttyhunk
25 lb. mid-day catch with giant bluefish


This striper was caught by DJ Muller off a jetty in New Jersey, July 2007.
DJ used a Giant White


DJ, again, with a nice striper in the low-20 lb. range, Block Island, 2007
Caught with a Giant White Pearl.

Charter Captain, Ed Marut - Giant Black Pearl
Catches and releases this 52", 35-40 pounder










       Ted's Catch 
       Block Island, 2006
       (using white pearl giant)


Captain Al Lorenzetti, Long Island NY, 2006
(using giant bunker)


Mike Roy, Fisher Island, 2006 - catches a 28 pounder using a giant blackfish  2006-2009                                                                                                                                                   All rights reserved.